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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 21, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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antioch say this husband and wife ran of the biggest user sc >> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> partners in crime. tonight, police in antioch say this husband and wife ran one of the biggest used car scams they have ever seen. >> the dmv tells christin ayers is the biggest odometer tampering case in california history. >> reporter: authorities telling me they can't remember seeing a used car scam of this scale more than 100 used cars at that lot rigged and countless customers tricked. lisha thought she was getting a car with 128,000 miles on it when she bought this used ford from her landlord's business. it wasn't until after she handed over the money she realized she had been duped.
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the car had nearly 100,000 more miles on it than the odometer showed. >> i was livid. i was livid. i trusted him. >> reporter: authorities say over the years, the owners of jorge's california car sales have switched the odometers with lower mileage cars from junk yards. now nay are facing 80 counts. the workers at the dealership closed up shop when we knocked and threatened to call the police on us. a customer shopping here changed her mind. lisha is cooperating with the da's office but it is costing her. the gavaras are now evicting her from the apartment she live ins on their lot. she is hoping justice is served. >> i want to see them go to jail. it's just wrong to do that. >> reporter: workers here didn't want to talk to us about the charges and an afterhours
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call of the attorney to them was not returned. christin ayers, kpix5. >> george gavaras is held on a million dollars bail. his wife has been released. we learned a patient in sacramento at a hospital does not have ebola. the patient had ebola like symptoms and visited west africa so that raised some alarms. >> we are happy to alert we heard from the centers for disease control the test result is negative. i want to emphasize there are still no confirmed ebola cases in california. >> the american doctor who contracted ebola in africa is going home. kent brantly was once near death. but look at this. today, he high fives the medical staff that saved him as he walked out of the atlanta hospital fully recovered. >> today is a miraculous day. i am thrilled to be alive, to be well, and to be reunited
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with my family. >> dr. brantly contracted while helps patients in liberia. at levi stadium tonight, there is 100 yards of dirt where the turf used to be. i say used to be because crews have ripped it all out. the new stuff is gone. betty, there is another game this weekend. how are they going to play it? they don't have any grass growing. >> reporter: well ken, the niners have assured us that by sunday, that field will be good to go. you would think the $1.2 billion spent on the stadium would cover a good enough turf right? well apparently not. so crews started emergency replacement work today. it is out with the new at levi stadium and in with something that was not in the niners came plan. they are waters what is left of the playing field from end zone to end zone. >> we noticed the players were playing, a lot of sod was
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kicked up by their feet. >> reporter: eric watched the team's open practice yesterday. >> i noticed a couple of times knit when a receiver made a cut and a big chunk of sod came up from their feet and we noticed that stevie johnson fell near the end zone and came up limping and i think that really concerned the coaching staff. >> reporter: after that, coach jim harbaugh pulled the players from the field. chopper 5 showed workers on the ground this morning. back many april, the team says it showed this special train of bermuda grass because it was drought resistant and tough. it apparently didn't stick. >> there will be a situation where the turf doesn't adhere as well as possible. >> reporter: aaron didn't work on levi stadium, but offers this explanation for the turf. >> it might be a calendar issue where play resumed a little too quick or it might be an issue where the plant is just not taking on. >> reporter: the niners have apologized to fans who came out to watch the team play.
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and insist the field will be ready for sunday's game against the san diego chargers. so west coast turf there, the sod growers here at levi stadium, it is not that unusual for field to be resodded so quickly. and the industry, they can do so between a college bowl game and an nfl game. they would not give us details on this particular project but they said it was "not a big deal." ken. >> it is dirt out there right now. and in a few hours, a few days they will be playing football. it's hard to believe. we will see if what they are saying is true. >> reporter: we will find out on sunday. >> thanks betty. also tonight, the giants finally finished a game they started two days ago. they challenged a loss on tuesday after the cubs ground crew fumbled the tarp during a rain delay. it was major league baseball's first successful protest in 28 years. dennis will have highlights of the game ahead in sports. a group of 100 people
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marched through parts of san francisco tonight to show solidarity with protesters in ferguson, missouri. they zigzagged their way from u.n. plaza to the tenderloin and into the mission. it caused traffic trouble and caught the attention of tourists but no major problems. police, however, are still keeping an eye on things. and this popped up at twitter headquarters in san francisco today. the picture was tweeted out by alyssa toda. she saw this. and in ferguson, things have calmed down. the governor told the national guard to leave and tonight, mike strassman talked to michael brown's parents who said nobody deserves to be treated the way their son was. >> what has been the hardest part for you? >> he took my son away!
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>> reporter: they want a grand jury to indict officer darren wilson for shooting their son. >> do you feel there is the need for a special prosecute sneer. >> yes, i feel that, because this is a repeated pattern that has been going on here in missouri. not just saint louis. you can't call the police on the police. >> reporter: both parents say they have not seen the surveillance video. it shows michael brown minutes before his death shoving a store clerk after allegedly stealing cigars. >> was there a different side to your son? >> no. just a normal 18-year-old finding his way. >> there is nothing about his temperament that suggested he was an aggressive guy? >> no, he was just tall. big. and black. >> my son had his hands up. that let the world know he has been taught to understand and do the proper things that he was told by police officer who he is supposed to trust to protect and serve him.
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to obey. and not to be treated like a dog or a rag on the street. >> reporter: well attorney general eric holder met with michael's parents yesterday. this is dash cam video of the beating death of a san francisco man. a man in a hoody where brian higgins was attacked august 10. if you recognize the man in the hoody, police want to hear from you. brian nicknamed feather was taken off life support after the beating. we have surveillance video that may be hard to watch. it is an armed robbery and a murder so brutal, even veteran police officers can't believe it. two gunmen held up a market in salinas last friday. one suspect started shooting. he aimed directly at her and her two friends who only stopped by to chat. >> when the victims were doing
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nothing but cowering in fear with their hands up, huddled double trying to be cooperative being beaten and shot. it makes no sense. >> all three of the women were bent and shot. one of the women died from her wounds. the two men got no money but got away. salinas police hope someone recognizes their mannerisms. they could use any leads at all to find the killers. tonight, the militants known as isis are giving president obama an ultimatum. stop the air strikes or they will kill this american journalist. the man is believed to be steven sotloff kidnapped in syria a year ago. they demanded a fortune for james foley before they beheaded him. $132billion. a ran some the u.s. refused to pay. but the military did try to
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rescue him. the hostages including foley and three others were thought to be at this camp inside an oil refinery in northern syria. and area controlled by isis. two dozen special operation forces commandos dropped from black hawk helicopters outfitted with stealth technology. with surveillance aircraft over head, they swooped in to search for the hostages. they encountered isis militants and engaged in a fire fight. but the hostages were gone. several isis fights were killed and one american commando was injured. the rest were flown to safety. the covert mission launched in early july was based on good but not great intelligence about the location of the hostages. the u.s. government had been tracking the american hostages for months, defense secretary chuck hagle said the mission was launched because the hostage's lives where thought
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to be in imminent danger. >> it is our responsibility to do all we can to take action when we believe there might be a good possibility or a good chance to make a rescue effort successful. >> now hagle warns in terms of terrorists, isis is beyond anything we have seen before. tonight, we learned the remains of robin williams were cremated the day after he took his life. according to his death certificate, his family scattered his ashes across san francisco bay. the actor was found dead in his tiburon home earlier this month. a bay area sheriff's deputy caught on camera doing this to a suspect. tonight, the department tells us those are jabs of distraction. >> plus, they won't have to stay home on the couch anymore. the new law about where you can take your dog. governor signed it just hours ago. ,,,,,,
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or get a 20-dollar gift card with air raid speaker purchase. they were arresting... the department calls t >> well video has surfaced showing sheriff's deputies punching a man they were arresting. they call them jabs of distraction. what is that? joe vasquez went to find out. >> reporter: the video shows two sonoma county sheriff deputies on the ground with a man named john coroza. one of the deputies started to punch him as they get his hands behind his back. they punch him in the thigh and then the chest. another deputy appears to shove his face into the ground. >> any time officers use force, it looks bad. >> reporter: don cameron, an expert on police tactics says its a justifiable use of force. >> there is always at lease one gun involved and you never know that the suspect is involved or not.
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>> reporter: a spokesman from the sonoma county sheriff's department says they were using distraction jabs. that's a tactic to hit them in different places to get hold of their hands. >> it looks fairly unnecessary to me. >> they said they were trying to distract him to put the cuffs on him. >> distract him? i mean, a punch in the face is not a distraction. it's an assault. >> reporter: back in 2006, in los angeles, a police lawyer said this video showed distraction strikes. after some public backlash, the chief tat the time decided to outlaw the use of the term being used at the lapd. they are not allowed to say it, but they are still allowed to use it if the situation calls for it. back in 2006 in los angeles, a police lawyer said this video showed cops using distraction strikes after some public backlash, bill braten, the chief at the time decided to outlaw the term. they are not allowed to say it,
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but they are still allowed to use the techniques if the situation calls for it. >> well the sheriff's department telling joe it will do an internal review, but corozo has not filed a complaint. in kentucky, five firefighters were hurt when their ice bucket challenge went wrong. they were helping a marching band when they sprayed them with water. the bucket got too close to a power line. one of them is in critical condition. well the ice bucket challenge is sweeping the country, but some catholic countries say it could present a moral problem. the cincinnati archdiocese say it is fine to raise money for als research, but they say funds should not go to the als association. that is because that group supports a study that uses embryonic stem cells. they compare the use of that
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with abortion. well, when you think of rap music, what comes to mind? tonight cate caugurian on how some guys in oakland are trying to change the stereotype. >> the little kids doing good in the school room. >> hip hop has a unique american history. >> reporter: that is jay's hip hop. >> some nutrition, look. >> reporter: here is most of america's image of hip hop. [ singing ] >> right now, we have a very homogenizeed narrative of violence, misogyny, materialism, drug use. >> reporter: and he says that is not okay. >> we have a really narrow perspective for these kids, you know, to decide what they like in the world. >> reporter: he is one of the founders for hip hop for change. the goal, bring hip hop back to its roots. >> and celebrate the values and cultures of hip hop. peace, love, unity, self- expression, having fun. >> reporter: the organization
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partners with bay area artists to make music about social justice. problems on the streets, in the economy. and how to change it. hip hop for change is entirely funded by the community with cofrey and his team out canvassing. so far, the group has raised close to 100 grand to pay for the educational programs and put on concerts. >> we have so many local artists that are progressive. >> when you hear somebody bumping hip hop in the car, knowledge is coming out. because hip is about knowledge and hop is about moving with that knowledge. >> reporter: and getting the rest of america to move with him. in berkeley, cate caugurian, kpix5. >> hip hop for change is putting on a concert this saturday in oakland. it is at the terminal art gallery and it is free. quite the change today. we actually had some sunshine. >> it has been so long. >> i know, i can't even say it. sunshine! it is here! >> it's at the coastings it was warmer. 15 degrees warmer. we cut off the ocean influence
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and what a difference. big changes happen around here. we went from 71 to 90 inland today. nearly 20 degrees warmer. tonight, the fog is coming back, first stop is the golden gate bridge. it will move inland once again. and we will have afternoon sunshine for your friday. 30 seconds to talk about the drought. there is no rain on the radar tonight which is ho hum this time of year. this is amazing. university of california san diego did a research study to try to guess and estimate how much water has the western united states missed out on over the past three years. the answer has a lot of zeros. look at your television screen. 63trillion gallons of water, or enough water to cover the entire western third of the united states with five inches of water. one more number. last night we had a widespread soaking rainfall in the air baa, april 26. 118 days ago. and we will add seven more
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days. remember the upper low that didn't give us the rainfall? it is pouring in vegas and flagstaff and phoenix as that hoe is giving rainfall to them. but moving away from us. it is not going to exert anymore influence in our area. it is way offshore. but a big area of high pressure moving in the northwest will pick up a bigger on shore flow. then here comes the ridge. moves closer ore the weekend over the top of us by the middle of next week. temperatures will climb and away from the water, we may be in the mid 90s or 20 degrees warmer than we were just yesterday by the middle of next week. so low clouds moving in inland again tonight. lit be a cloudy start friday. temperatures taking a few degrees worth of a dip. by the weekend, we work back up. a lot of sunshine saturday and sunday and we will be trending hotter. san jose friday. hayward, 75. morning clouds, afternoon
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sunshine concord, walnut creek, dublin. highs around 80. san francisco, morning fog, afternoon sunshine. petaluma, 79. clover dale, 85 degrees. weekend looks nice. upper 80s inland. low 70s near the bay. out of the comfort zone. mid 70s near the bay. mid 90s inland. all the kids back to school and i hope the kids all have air- conditioning because we need it. >> thank you paul. coming up, your dog won't have to stay home. the new law the governor just signed. ,,,,,,,,,,,, hey pal? you ready?
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can dine with your dog. >> no more worries about having a date saturday night. [ laughter ] >> starting the first of the year, you can dine with your dog. hey, they never say no. the governor signed a new law tonight overturning the ban on pets in restaurants. some places already allow it on patios and decks though it is technically illegal. now restaurants can decide whether there are dogs or not.
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governor brown is a big dog lover. his corgi sutter is a big part of his politics. we had sutter the dog, the first dog on the bay bridge. >> that's right. that was great stuff. you know how long the giants game took actually? >> three days. >> nine hours and 21 minutes. i'm going to tell you how they did. and a record jump. can he make it or did he pull a kanevel? the finish when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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d life looked to >> the last five times a team won a protest, they went 0-5 in the resumed games so the giants with their second life looked to make it 0-6. check it out. a two-hour rain delay. at least the tarp was on correctly. 2-0 club cubs when the game resumed. joe panic, two out r.b.i. single. giants are down 2-1. angel pagan in the 9th inning. tieing run, but chicago's hector rendon stopped it and throws him out to end it. game total 9:21. madison bumgarner rang up 12
11:29 pm
cubs with the special k. 3-1 chicago. top four, giants now down 3-2. bumgarner base hit to left. here comes joaquin arias. he is going to have to get down. he is safe. and the game tied at 3-3. next inning, buster posey, not on, but good enough. posey four for four, three extra base hits. giants win 5-3. they are three- and-a-half games behind the dodgers. i never thought that dick trickle was a good name for a nascar driver, will power is a great name. power dominated last year's race wins for the third time in four races. his domination in the wine country leaves other races like james henchcliff try to find a way to create a power outage. >> it is very tough to pass
11:30 pm
here. the easiest way is just to hit guys. that is what i find. we will see a little bit of strategy happening this weekend for sure. strategery. that was a joke. not a real world. i have in my hand, the top five. jeremy lisha n's mom shirley got a pie in the face from her nba star son. tiger's pitcher david price gave up u.s. june hit. this wasn't one of them. tori hunter takes it away from sean rodriguez but the raying won. was the catch better than hunter? justin upton makes the ultimate to rob cincinnati. and atlanta won 8-0. at number 2, the new york islanders hope to see this? a shoot-out from josh hosang who spins and scores. he never looked at the net.
11:31 pm
bmx rider cam zink has the world record for the longest back flip. 100 feet and three inches tonight at mammoth mountain. incredible. we were just talking about the famous jump at caesar's palace. wait, can i show a picture of what it is going to take place tomorrow? oh! ken bastida is leaving and going to bowling green. >> but i'll be back. and we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30.
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